Freelance artist


Hello, I’m Nath! I love creating anime inspired art and I like to have fun and experiment with different styles.

Currently closed!

25$USD per character

35$USD per character

55$USD per character

Comic page Commission

+ small panel (ideal for small close ups, chibi faces): 10$
+ medium panel (ideal bust close ups, detailed face close ups): 25$
+ big panel (ideal for your main scenes, more detailed view of environment): 40$

Flat color background: +0$
Simple background: +10$

For detailed backgrounds, architectures etc, price can be negotiated.

Additional weapons, object, etc
+10$ Per add

Rules & info:

• Do's: Humans, animal characteristic humanoids (kemonomimi???), LGBT couples;
• Don'ts: Super masculine/muscle characters, furry, full detailed robots, real people unless the given references are drawings;
• In case there is a complex design, prices change (30% on the total);
• I only start after payment is sent;
• If I desire, I will post wips or the finished piece around on my social media, let me know in advance if you don’t your order to be shared in public.
• Please take care to not delete your character refs after you place an order;
• After payment is sent, turnaround time starts running;
• I work with visual character references only. Please do not send me photography or long descriptions for your character appearance. (Exception valid only for custom commissions)
• Turnaround time: 60 days;
• Have my turnaround time in mind when ordering, I work at a slow pace and reserve the right to cancel the order if I feel pressured to work quick;
• Rushing fees can be discussed if my list is “long” and you need it done fast for any reasons, they tend to be +50-100% on the order total depending how fast you want it done;
• Please use the commission form;
• Don't ask me to copy/plagiarize stuff, that's disrespectful to both the original creator and me.
• Changes on the finished comission (unless it was my mistake) are only allowed once and until 7 days after
commission is delivered, drastic changes are not allowed;
• Canvas size can vary, they’re e a minimum 3000xpixels 300 dpi;

Commission form:
Commission type: (example: halfbody couple + background)
Number of characters:
References: (max. 6 pictures per character please)
Additional info: (Detail x about character that is easy to miss/mistake on the refs,
alternative outit, etc)
Paypal email for invoice:

Comic page Commission form
Number of characters: (max. 2)
References: (máx. 4 pictures per character)
Description: (Here you can write your scenario idea or describe what you want happening in each panel, in order)
PayPal email for invoice:

Here you can check my current work list, the customer name is added to the list once payment is sent.

Work List